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Freight Brokering and being a Freight Agent is a great way to start a new career. Regardless if you decide to work as an agent, or become your own broker, the opportunity to learn new skills and master them for a successful career in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry.

This course was designed for individuals that have absolutely NO EXPERIENCE. It will take you through the absolute basics. While we understand that those who are a little more advanced in business may find some of the information redundant, we firmly believe that the learning structure of the course will help you develop a proper understanding of what it takes to become a Freight Agent.

This course will teach you everything you need to know to successfully manage the end-to-end, forward, and backward flow of materials and information across your supply chain. Together, we’ll examine the concepts, tactics, and applications of various logistics tools and technologies to promote a big-picture understanding that extends well beyond internal operations.

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What our customer say

Freight Broker Agent
Many thanks to Adolphus for his guidance throughout the course. Southwest Star Training Academy is doing amazing stuff for beginners and intermediate level agent

Grace Campbell

Freight Broker Agent
Truck Dispatcher
Logistics is the backbone of this globe. Thanks for putting your effort in this to take this globe up one step by providing a tailored, practical course in the trucking and brokerage industry.

James Smith

Truck Dispatcher
Freight Broker Agent
This is a very wonderful course on the topic of freight broker agent. I am satisfied with the course materials. It is very useful for us to get basic know-how and get a dipper in the field. Thank Southwest Star Training Academy for all this!!

Barbara Dale

Freight Broker Agent